Welcome to the official website of the Green Events Commission!

The Green Events Commission (GEC) is a student group within the executive board of Student Union at Washington University in St. Louis. We all have a strong interest in environmental issues, but we have diverse academic backgrounds and perspectives, which encourages creativity in our consulting. Our goal is to promote sustainability in event planning while also staying within the bounds of practicality and student groups’ budgets. We have experience with large events (e.g. WILD, Bauhaus) and smaller events (e.g. Controversy & Coffee) alike, and we hope you and your group will use us as a resource as you plan your next event!  

Mission Statement

The Green Events Commission (GEC) seeks to reduce the environmental impact of events and campus life. It accomplishes this by:
1. Consulting with student groups and the administration to make sustainability a feature of all event planning.
2. Implementing institutional initiatives.
3. Educating students, staff, and faculty about how their actions impact the environment.